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Lake Washington… Boats and a Sunset finale for 2012!

In late September we were out doing several jobs…. So I thought I would toss in lots of photos….

Here is a Crownline coming at us at 30+ miles per hour… I bet he cannot see us….

Here some shots of a Westbay Sonship for sale by Chuck Hovey Yachts….

You don’t often, if ever, see a super yacht on Lake Washington… Here is the 145 foot Christensen built Aghassi out for a cruise on Lake Washington.

Here is the rough water indicator on Ozzie’s new HewesCraft:

A few days later we were out for a romp with a 43 foot Tiara… Soon to be a cover photo on a well known magazine….

Then there was the last good 70 degree evening for the year… October 8th at 7PM… Coulon Park boat ramp…


SonShip Pilothouse 90, Tuko

This is an 90’+-  Sonship Pilothouse… Photographed INSIDE a boat house.



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